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Greek Public Power Company to increase welfare levy and fatten electricity bill

I see it coming sooner than we thought: electricity bills will reach exorbitant heights that we, average Greeks won’t be able to pay. We will be obliged to spend our nights with romantic candle lights, cook on a gas stove and wash our clothes per hand – not to mention the ssuspension of internet access and therefore the end of KTG blogging. All these because Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC/DEH) will increase the the so-called “welfare levy”. According to some media, the levy will reach 15.70 euro, according to some others 25 euro.

            Hike on welfare levy to increase power bill

Public welfare contributions levied through Public Power Corporation electricity bills are due to rise as of this month, meaning that households consuming up to 2,000 kilowatts per quarter will have to pay 15.70 euros instead of the previous 11.77 euros toward social services.

The levy is used to pay for subsidized power for consumers living on remote islands, as well as reduced rates for large families and vulnerable social groups such as people with disabilities, the unemployed etc. (ekathimerini)

If I add the emergency property tax, the regular property tax, the municipality fees, the state broadcaster fees and all the other fees that fatten my electricity bill, I have two options: either suspend my subscription to DEH right away or pack my luggage and move to another country.

PS I wonder, if they think I have a euro-printing machine at home….

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