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Swiss far-right with anti-Greek poster against own FinMin

Swiss politicians from the far-right spectrum emerged from the melted chocolate and cheese fondue pots and created an anti-Greek poster in order to attack their own finance minister, Ursula Gut, Finance Minister of the Zurich Canton from FDP party. Aposter that features a finance minister as a cheater.

Das umstrittene SVP-Plakat.

 “Doing tricks like the Greeks? Manipulate the Canton finances? NO”

The poster was created by far-right Swiss People’s Party SVP.

Greek community angry reactions

Not only the Swiss media criticized the poster as offensive to Ursula Gut, but it triggered indignation among the Greek community in Zurich.

Christos Hatzikonstantinou, President of the Greek Community Zurich (GGZ) condemned the poster saying that “the SVP party is fishing for votes by defaming a whole nation.

Equally angry is Dimitris Sarisavas, who have been living in Switzerland for half a century and is the President of  Swiss Federation of Greek Associations. “This poster is a disgrace, especially that even our flag has been abused – an insult to every Greek.” While he did not deny there were scammers in Greece, he stressed that in every country there are some. “One can see this also at the example of the Swiss Banks,” Sarisavas told Swiss media 20 Minutes Online.

Hatzikonstantinou considers the possibility of legal measures against the SVP, something considered also by the Greek consulate in Zurich. Legal advicers are to examine whether the poster violates the Anti-Racism Swiss Law.


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  1. And this from a country who sat on the fence during WW2 and reaping benefits from others misery and taking money deposits from all over the world no questions asked, not to mention withholding deposits from holocaust victims families to this day.