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UPDATES Athens Mall bomb: Security cameras “capture” four suspects with jockey caps

Examination of security cameras footage from The Mall, has shown images of persons leaving the explosive device in the trash bin. The persons were wearing hoods and jockey caps. Although the face features of the suspects are not clearly shown, police estimates that they were men. Greek media report that Greek police concludes that the number of people involved in the bomb explosion were at least four, most probably six. Police “compares” the silhouettes from the security cameras footage with security camera footage from past terrorist attacks.

Bomb went off outside this shop – security guard (

According to website, one of the media outlets to have received one of the warning phone calls, “the explosive device was consisting of  one kilo gelatinous dynamite, two switches on-off, batteries.   The perpetrators had inactivated the switches during the transport and then turn them on programming the time clock. The explosive device was placed in a pressure cooker. Police examines whether ANFO, a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, has been used.”

According to daily To Ethnos, “the perpetrators entered The Mall as customers and they originally tried to place the explosive device away from any security camera.”

“The bomb was placed at 9:35 a.m. by one of the suspects, and 15 minutes before the warning phone calls to a newspaper and the website and almost one hour before the explosion. Footage shows one suspect carrying the explosive device. Anti-terror police believes, the bomber was supported by at least one or even more collaborators. The suspects had enough time to go away and make the warning phone calls. they probably left the area form ‘Neratziotissa’ train station.” (state broadcaster NET TV, 12:00 news)

Explosive device findings give hints to links with “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire” as it was the only urban guerrilla group to have places explosive devices inside pressure cookers in the past, Greek media report citing police leakages to the press. Police sources allegedly also claim that there has been no direct connection between The Mall bomb attack and the attack at the headquarters of governing party Nea Dimocratia last Thursday. In fact meaning that there were possibly two groups operating parallel to each other.

No organization has claimed responsibility so far.

Police puzzles about the choise of the target and thus while many families with kids were visiting the Mall on Sundya morning.

On Monday morning, an anonymous caller warned of a bomb to have been placed in Athens’ main court complex (Evelpidon Court) The buildings were evacuates but authorities were unable to find a device. The caller had given a specific time for the blast. A farce…

 Meanwhile the US Embassy in Athens issued a warning to American citizens to be on alert and monitor local media for updates.

additional news sources: Proto Thema, Ta Nea, KTG


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