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SYRIZA – ND ‘war’ and outrage over edited video

A new war of words broke between main opposition left-wing SYRIZA and governing conservative  Nea Dimocratia, over an edited video released to Greek media in which SYRIZA MP Vangelis Diamantopoulos allegedly made a call to arms.

The video was given tho the media by government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou. Too bad, it turns out, the video had undergone editing before its release and the last sentance of SYRIZA MP calling to “establishment of a creative movement” seems to have been cut off.

Full version of Diamantopoulos speech: “At the moment, they are saying to people: “In your exasperation, either commit suicide or pick up a gun.” What we say is: “Join us and turn this rage into a creative movement. That’s the clear message from SYRIZA.”

In the allegedly edited video Dimantopoulos describes as “acts of violence” among others the wages and pensions cuts and other austerity measures imposed to Greece by its lenders and makes a reference to The Mall as ‘illegal construction”. Apparently reaosn enough for ND to try to make a connection with the bomb attack at The Mall four days later after Diamantopoulos’ interview.

“Last week Diamantopoulos had caused a stir in Parliament when he said that he had an anarchist background, is also seen in the video saying that the Villa Amalias squat in Athens raided recently by police was not a center of lawlessness.

He added that The Mall, a large shopping center in northern Athens, which was bombed four days after the MP’s speech was a more appropriate symbol of lawlessness.

In a statement, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou referred to Diamantopoulos as being “terrorist-friendly” and an “anarchist” and accused him of making The Mall a target and called on the justice system to investigate the matter.” (ekathimerini)

 SYRIZA responded by accusing the government spokesman of presenting a heavily edited video to the media and the public, spoke of “disgusting provocation” and called Kedikoglou as “forger minister” who ought to resign. SYRIZA considers to seek legal investigation proposing those responsible for distributing the edited video should face criminal charges.”

Kedikoglou told media that the video was not edited but contained excerpts of Diamantopoulos’ speech, strssing that the speech contains “justification of violence and understanding for the use of weapons”.  There is another reference saying “your days are counted” and a rhetoric that “makes familiar with violence,” Kedikoglou told Vima FM.

Coalition government partners took position on the issue, with Democratic Left spokesman writting on his twitter account “If the editing turns to be confirmed, then it’s a wregdeness that bring shame on the government.”

            PASOK spokesman commented, “it was a mistake by ND, it wasn’t necessary to cut a            sentence.” (Proto Thema click here also to see the two videos)

Meanwhile SYRIZA submitted a complaint to Greek Radio & Television Council that investigates the issue.

At the same time, SYRIZA continues its verbal attacks against Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias calling him “junta frinedly”, while Dendias speaks of SYRIZA officials as “little Goebbels”.

In a parallel universe Greeks ask themselves why are they freezing in the middle of winter and where to find money to pay their electricity bills.

PS I really wish, high on the agenda of the government and the main opposition were constructive plans on how to solve the economic crisis and help the troubled citizens of this country.



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  1. PS I really wish, high on the agenda of the government and the main opposition were constructive plans on how to solve the economic crisis and help the troubled citizens of this country.

    Couldn’t agree more. The language from both sides is way beyond anything responsible and outright violent. To condemn violence and then come with language like they do is irresponsible, to say the least. And if things go ugly then we all know who to thank for it…