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Greek gov’t considers building …”tax prisons”

Advisers to Greek finance ministry seem to never run out of creative ideas: the latest proposal on the table is to create tax prisons for those refusing to pay even a small amount of their debts to the state. As there is not space in the current prisons for additional prisoners, new prisons will have to be built.

“Suggestion was made to Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras to create tax prisons in order to combat tax evasion. The proposal was made during a meeting for the new package of measures to fight tax evasion. The measure of the rapid building of new prisons that will imprison those who only make serious tax offenses is connected with the intentions of the leadership of the Ministries of Finance and Justice to  detain those who refuse to pay even a small amount of additional taxes and fines imposed on them by tax audits.

Given that empty space is not easy to be found in the prisons of the country as the number of prisoners is double to the prison capacities, on the table are ideas about building new prisons with EU funds and private capital.

 Greek Finance Ministry is under intense pressure by the Troika and the EU Task Force of Reichenbach for the disappointing results in tax assessment and tax collection. (full article in Greek

With this one stone the government will kill not only two but four birds at the same time: 

1. it will create jobs in the construction sector that has collapsed due to the economic crisis.

2. it will assign its friends in the construction sector with new and expensive state contracts.

3. it will saw its ‘social face’ by feeding the debtors, providing them with a roof over their head and heating. It will also combat the rising number of ‘new homeless’ due to crisis.

4. It will hire again prison guards and other staff.

 Of course, more cost saving would be if the government provides the future prisoners with construction material (concrete blocks, iron bars, padlocks) and have them build their own 2×3 prison cells. Preferably near their homes, so the family would supply them with their daily meals.

I don’t know if they know already the number of future prisoners in order to build capacity-strong prisons. And if they do, why don’t they seize their assets. Unless, they put in one basket tax evaders and those who are unable to pay taxes due to the dramatic increase of their incomes and the unfair tax system that hits mostly the low and middle classes.

Where there is no political will, there is always a way to nonsense measures…

PS I think, it’s high time the Greek government starts considering building Poorhouses as well…


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  1. Really well put together blog!! I can’t believe I had never seen you guys before today–thanks to your reference in the in the Huffington Post today.

    Although I think this is a pretty strong article, don’t you think?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thanks, Kostas!. read the HuffPost article earlier and consider to upload it here too. We were surprised to be Greek press 🙂

  2. Oops, forgot the actual part where it mentions you guys…

    “Read through the stories appearing everyday in the Greek press (which you might only find buried on the back pages of American newspapers) and you will undoubtedly ask yourself: “How long will these proud people put up with such degradation?”

    The Link to Greek Press is

    Again, Great blog and sharing with all my friends here in Holland!

  3. After reading this, I feel shame being greek.

  4. Are there not some islands and some facilities from the Junta era still usable?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you wanna save state money ?

      • Yes. Ofcourse! When good infrastructure is still there, why not use it? And when they might pick US up from our beds we might as well enjoy a good and honest island live. Rather then some miserable stint somewhere in Thessaly or so. 😀

  5. Love your blog! Extremely informative….hope you don’t mind I used some of your material on my blog…..tks! Keep up the great work.

  6. Greeks don’t feel shame for beeing Greeks but for having voted for representatives who doesn’t seem to love their country. They feel same for the lies and the “political” games for personal glory and wealth. They feel shame for those who write or reproduce (domestic or not) articles without checking before the real,authentic, common Greek. The working guy, the father or mother. The person with everyday problems and democratic thinking. The person who worries about what will be decided for him without him. This is not democracy. Greeks where trained to be from farmers to generals if the nations needs call to duty (some decates ago). Then what? (Same families again and again as if it was a family company). Why this doesn’t stand any more? Well I know! That was the plan. Aiming the Greek’s values and put him down. That seems to be working good but it isn’t true. The external power centers and their internal representatives have achieved nothing but to awake the people from a prosperity dream that came too fast.
    Noone believes that in a night everything colapsed (about 2 years ago)for real and it wasn’t a very well plan ready for years ago, just waiting for a signal!! After targeting releageon, family and language, someone invented the eurozone and the imigrants for Greece. We are not that stupid. We have language, principals and values far better than others.
    We’ll be back and you better count on that.
    So don’t be shame. You are a GREEK.

    • Unfortunately Alexandros, many of us have left Greece because it has become a stagnant place to get ahead. I would love to come back when I retire and live on one of the islands, but no way I’d come now, so although I’m proud to be a Greek, I’m more proud to be a Greek from the Diaspora.

  7. Why don’t they just beat their tax livestock instead of paying to room and board them? Seems pretty stupid but the Tax Farmer class in not too much brighter than the tax livestock.