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Marfin bank arson: 32 months later prosecutor has evidence to raise felony charges

For 32 months authorities have been collecting eye-witnesses testimonies and other material and now the prosecutor is about to call two suspects to testify on the arson attack at Marfin bank on 5. May 2010 that claimed the lives of three employees and an unborn child. The suspects are expected to testify next Friday.

According to an exclusive report of daily TA NEA, based on eye-witnesses testimonies and evaluation of evidence and pictures taken during the arson attack the prosecutor reportedly has evidence about the criminal involvement of the two suspects, apparently two men. Two more suspects will be called to give testimonies.

All eye-witnesses have reportedly spoken of one tall man with a back-bag and a jockey cap, two shorter men with back-bags and anti-tear gas masks and one woman. One of the suspects had the role of ‘leader’.


“More than ten people wearing hoods were breaking with hammers the windows of the bank, while they hurled two molotov cocktail bombs inside. “The protesters participating at the march were shouting “Don’t! Don’t!” but the hoodies hurled the firebombs and left on foot.”

Eye-witness who heard a dialogue inside the metro station <Panepistimio> and combined it with the arson:

 “Why did you burn it, we talked about to threaten them, not burn it down or burn them…” a woman allegedly involved in the arson attack was heard to have said to two men and thus inside the metro short after the arson.


“I saw an elderly man jumping from the second floor. We saw a group of people wearing hoods, more than 10 persons, to break down with hammers the windows of the bank. They hurled inside 2 molotov cocktails, maybe more.”

Eye-witness, employee at Ianos bookstore, opposite the Marfin bank:

“I saw a tall, thin man breaking the bank windows, then another person wearing hood hurled a molotov. “What are you doing? There are women inside, there are people,” the witness told the attackers with the tall man telling him “Get them all out.”

“When we managed to extinguish the fire, I suddenly a second molotov to explode. Another young person had hurled it. He was wearing a ski-mask and black clothes. He came next to me, I grabbed him form the shoulder and told him “what are you doing? there are people inside.” He answered “We will burn you all.” When a bookstore representative came close, the young person poured gasoline over me and three other bystanders.”

Eye-witnesses speak of three-four active attackers and a support group of 6-7 persons. One eye-witness recognized the perpetrators on pictures.

The arson attack took place during a big mass protest rally against the first loan agreement that was been debated in the Greek Parliament on that day.

The pictures of people screaming for help from the bank balconies have shocked the Greek society that had never experienced similar incidents before.






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