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Greek FinMin: “No new taxes on property owners”

While Greece’s economic team is working out the new tax scheme that will allegedly unify all taxes imposed on properties, Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras assured that no additional taxes will burden property owners. Stournaras made his statement on Thursday evening during the prime time news program of private Mega TV.

“Property owners will not face new taxes besides those already approved by Parliament, said Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras speaking on a news show on Thursday evening.

The minister noted that the government’s financial squad was in the process of discussing with the parties comprising the current coalition administration in view of developing a more equitable property tax system.

Stournaras also announced that objective value taxes will be streamlined with commercial values to reflect today’s real estate market.” (via ekathimerini)

Furthermore Stournaras claimed that “property taxes in Greece do not differ from those in other countries.”

Greece’s finance ministry tries to unify all property taxes (regular taxes ETAK,TAP, FAP and emergency property tax) and create a super-offer package: 4 in 1.

I am unable to add together the long list of how many times we heard government officials assuring “no new taxes, no additional austerity measures” since the country sought the IMF ‘rescue’ in May 2010.

Let’s see how much more we will have to pay in property taxes at the end property-tax-law day… 

PS While I’m waiting Stournaras to publish a comparison list “Greece-other countries” containing average salaries, property taxes, welfare benefits, health care services, unemployment rates, income decreases and tax increases, I post his statements just for the records…

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  1. The difference is that other countries supply help and benefits for their unemployed!

  2. “no new tax” ? as in ” no more austerity measure” ?