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EU Commissioner Borg: Greeks should stop smoking, bad for …productivity

It’s really tiring to have to face totally unprotected and be exposed to every jazzy nonsense that comes in one’s mind, just because you’re Greek. Here comes an EU health commissioner in a state of disarrangement with reality and confusses his role with the one of a labour commissioner. Instead of urging Greeks to stop smoking because cancer and other smoke related health problems would cost the broke Greek insurance funds big bags of money, as the commons sense in times of austerity would suggest,  what is striking argument of the new EU guy? That Greeks – and only Greeks – should stop smoking  because it reduces … productivity.

EU Commissioner-saving idea: Greeks should stop smoking

Thus, EU Health Commissioner Borg will win many Greeks no sympathy points: You should quit smoking. The economic advantages argues the Maltese.

The Maltese EU Commissioner for Health Tonio Borg wants the Greeks stop smoking. “Smoking reduces productivity, which harms the national economy,” Borg said the “Business Week”. “I’m soon to Greece, where 40 percent of people smoke. This is a cost factor that needs to be talked about.”

About 29 percent of EU citizens are smokers, according to Borg. In Germany, there were 26 percent. One end of tobacco use would be economically advantageous to the Commissioner. The argument that the tobacco tax brings the Treasury tax revenues in the billions, he can not apply. (BusinessWeek via 1hnews)

I wonder what are the EU criteria for picking up Commissioners. It’s must be according to what they drink or smoke… I really see no other explanation.

… and wait until Malta seeks bailout 🙂

PS I slowly believe, God has no mercy with Greeks 🙁

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  1. He reasons may be wrong but what he said is correct. Health AND productivity would improve… I know I work with Greeks.

  2. Nice idea now Philip Morris and the government seem to have a deal that Philip Morris will buy half of all Greek tobacco for a couple of years!
    But smoking is indeed influencing productivity. A smoker has to stop working every 2 hours or so for at least 5 minutes to get his fix. Most of the times he/she can’t smoke at the workplace but has to go outside or to designated area’s. That’s another 10 minutes. So, that’s 15 minutes out of every 120 minutes he/she works less than the colleague who does not smoke. In a 40 hours working week that amounts to around 5 hours (=35 hours working week instead of 40).
    By the way: the EU does not pick the Commissioners. These people are hand picked by the governments who insist that their man or woman gets this or that job at the Commission. But yes, most of the time it is not the best person for the job, but some internal political factor in his/her country that decides it.

    • first farmers shoudl start planting tobacco. clever move by th eminister to announce such a deal (withotu details) during farmers protests. Nevertheless I see the government using all possible and impossible means to get farmers backk to the

      • Indeed. And all the old tactics are used. Including some funding here and some funds there… This is probably not a time ripe for a new approach. LOL