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Berlusconi wanted to buy a Greek island from …Papadopoulos (?)

An Italian prime minister candidate in confusion? Sivlio Berslusconi revealed to reporters that he wanted to buy a Greek island to help the debt-ridden country. “I had discussed the issue with Papadopoulos,” Berlusconi said obviously confusing former prime minister George Papandreou with a famous or average Greek …”Papadopoulos”.

” I had talked with your former socialist prime minister Papadopoulos as well as with Samaras, i was supporting them, but nothing could be done with the Germans. It’s a catastrophe. I’m really sorry.

I had told Papadopoulos [a reporter corrects him] …sorry to Papandreou if there was a nice property it would be useful I make a purchase. Now I don’t even have the courage because prices have dropped and it would look as if I’d take advantage. I even suggested to Samaras: if there is an island for sale I am available! But now I am silent because with the current prices it would look as if I would take advantage form the situation.”

video: Beslusconi in Italian

O Μπερλουσκόνι ξαναχτυπά από allthewebnews

While Greeks laugh about the confusion, Italians are really angry, as Berlusconi spoke also about the what he called ‘smear campaign against him” and the “bunga-bunga parties” and thus on Saturday, a day before the elections, where candidates ought to remain silent.

PS I can’t tell if all “Papa-s”are the same in the head of Berlusconi or whether he confused Papandreou with former President of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos or even he was stuck several decades ago when Georgios Papadopoulos was the ruling dictator in Greece. lol






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  1. Nice picture of Burlusconi. He probably is too busy with sex life to keep track of Greek surnames. But then I have no such hobbies,and I confused Papadopulous with Panagopolous thinking B. was thinking of the pizza guy.