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PASOK leader calls George Soros “international speculator”

They flashed and banged inside the Greek parliament, the political party leaders on Tuesday during the ‘hour of  leaders’. Main topic of dispute the problems of in the agriculture and the farmers. It was inevitable that the leaders sharpened their swords on the painful issue of development and growth – or better say: the lack of it.

Leader of socialist PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos did not miss the chance to attack Alexis Tsipras, leader of main opposition left-wing SYRIZA. Reason for the attack was that Tsipras had earlier submitted documents to the parliament that a €14-million investment planned by German “Deutsche Eolia” was rejected six times by the Greek government. The investment in renewable energy sources was to be funded by the Deutsche Bank.

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“I don’t know how it conforms with the institutions when a party leader speaks about a certain investment, “Venizelos said. “It’s also not conformed that he visits conferences organized by international speculators like George Soros.”

PS I assume, Greek coalition government will also reject any investment b y the international speculator, should George Soros make the mistake and decide to invest in Greece. Right?



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  1. Why would Greece reject a 14 MEUR foreign investment?

    And, what is wrong in calling George Soros what he is?