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Greece finds horse DNA in frozen meat imports from Romania

Greek Food Control authority (EFET) found horse DNA in two meat samples of frozen meat imported from Romania. According to official statement issued by EFET,  the two samples were found in meat that was imported from Romania with the declaration “Frozen Beef Meat Neck” and “Frozen Beef Meat Topside”. the samples were part of a total 1,064 kilogram import.

The meat samples were taken by the food control authority on 14. February 2013 from a meat supplier in Piraeus.

According to EFET, so far 76 meat samples have been sent to laboratories since the beginning of the scandal in February. 26 samples have been tested so far, two were found positive on horse DNA.

The meat samples had been taking from meat production and processing units, from catering companies and fridge storage as well as from retailers across the country.

KTG recently had reported about authorities investigating suspicious meat imports from Bulgaria and Romania.


          do you know this horse?

PS As the two samples were meat chunks, I assume it was horse 100% on my frozen steak…


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