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Tyrnavos: local firemen engage in dog rescue from flooded river

Several local firemen were engaged for hours in the rescue of a dog trapped at the shore of flooded Titarisios river in Tyrnavos area of  Central Greece. The dog was found struggling with the rushing waters and unstable soil on Wednesday morning by passersby. They immediately called the Fire Brigades.

dog rescue1

The rescuers tried to approach the dog with a boat at first, later with a latter. Both efforts were in vain as from time to time the rushing water were hindering the efforts – as you will see in the video below.

dog rescue

Bystanders watch the efforts

The moment of relief came in the afternoon, when the mayor of Tyrnavos gave order for a special vehicle equipped with a basket to move to the dog rescue.

Video: rescue effort

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After hours in the waters, the lucky animal was given to a local animal welfare organization that took care of the him. It is not clear whether he is a stray or has an owner. The dog was apparently swept away from the river waters while on shore.

A big Bravo to the passersby, the firemen and the mayor of Tyrnavos!

Lesvos Barrel Dogs

Meanwhile good news come from Lesvos, where the mayor finally decided to take action against all those owners who keep their dogs in chains and left them to live in barrels. the mayor threatens with fines the owners of “barrel dogs”. A big Bravo too to local society and international supporters who put pressure and gathered thousands of signatures in petitions.

These two news cannot but enlighten us among all the tragical animals abuse stories of dogs being thrown to the sea tied with stones, puppies killed in plastic bags, dogs shot dead or poisoned and many other daily stories of abuse…

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