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Athens video: riot police vs protester

The anti-austerity protest rally on Sunday could be considered as “successful”. If it wasn’t for this video….  Riot police pushes a protester to the ground, trying to put handcuffs around his wrists. The protester resists. The policeman keeps him down with his knee. The protester shouts for help. Other protesters and media people around him call on him to tell his name.

The policeman puts his hands on the protesters’ mouth, while he tries at the same time that his face is not been captured by the camera. The protester shouts his name again and again.

Another police man rushes to aid his colleague, who pushes the protesters’ head to the ground. With his knee.

Other protesters and media people complain about the violent detention, however other policemen push them away with their shields and try to prohibit that the incident is been filmed.

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According to daily Eleftherotypia that published the video, Greek police said in a statement that the riot policeman tried to arrest the protester after the latter kicked a policeman for no reason and then tried to flee.

parliament protest

“I will stay!”

Several thousands Greeks,  young and old, gathered outside the Greek Parliament on Sunday afternoon to raise their voices against austerity. Young anjd old were holding banners and shouted slogans like “The worst violence is the poverty”, “Enough! we’ll survive!”.

Strong police forces tried to pushed them away from the Parliament and fired twice tear gas.

After the police intervention, practically for no reason and the protesters’ detention, the crowd started to shout slogans against police violence.

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