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EU-Commissioner Tajani in Athens: “Long Live Greece! We are all Greeks!”

The vice president of the European commission could not hide his enthusiasm. “Long Live Greece! We are all Greeks!” he said after concluding his speech at an event on entrepreneurship that took place in Athens on Monday. “Without Greece we would be barbarians or heathens,” said Italian politician Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, EU Commissioner responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship.

Antonio Tajani had also tweeted a similar message  -“We are all Greeks. EU solidarity” – short before he arrived in Athens with European entrepreneurs to promote business partnerships in Greece.

“The recapitalization of the banking sector should be completed by June,” Tajani told an audience of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Athens and stressed:

“Without development is not possible to defeat the crisis, we need real economy, more internal market, more industry, we need much more SMEs.”

Apparently taken by enthusiasm by his own development plans, Tajani expressed strong support to Greece and said three times “We are all Greeks.”

PS Antonion Tajani has been member of Italian Monarchist party, of Forza Italia  and Berlusconi government spokeman.

To sigh or not to sigh?

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