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Greek FinMin on Troika negotiations: “There is work to do, all open”

“There is work to do. Nothing will be sealed until all is settled,” Greek finance minister Yiannis Stournaras told reporters after a meeting with representatives of the Troika on Thursday adding that the two sides will hold meetings every day. “There is absolutely nothing closed. All topics are open,” Stournas added.

Greece is again under the pressure to receive the next bailout tranche, one of 2.8 billion euro. Every time since May 2010, Greece undergoes a thourough progress check-up by the representatives of EU, IMF and ECB.

According to Greek media, the finance ministry economic team and the Troika discussed issues concerning the budget, the National Bank – Eurobank merger and other milesstones for the tranche disbursement.

protesters troika

Murderers”, “You ruined us!” Some 20 members of Mikis Theodorakis movement Spitha protested the Troikans, however police hindered them from coming close.

Of course, also the issue of the emergency property tax, that the government tries to mutate into a unified property tax and disconnect it from electricity bills as of 2014.

Later during an event Stournaras said “things with Troika are difficult, but we can show progress.”

Stournaras seems less optimistic than during the last days, but his optimism was probably for internal consumption.

Nevetheless, I wonder whether we will hear the usual slogan “measures, cuts, lay-offs, hikes or no tranche!” 🙂

PS stray dog Ruby and his friends refrained from joining the anti-Troika protest. Last time they barked at the Troika on March 3rd,  Ruby had to spent two weeks in a shelter and be under surveillance for possible agresive behaviour.

According to reliable information, the representatives of the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank listened but showed no reaction when they heard the suggestion of the Greek government on the new flat fee real estate.

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