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Crete: school boy digs in garbage bin for food

When a picture says 1,000 words, no further explanation is needed. However many times there is an interesting background. The picture below shows a young boy digging in a garbage bin in Heraklio, Crete. It was not clear who shot the picture but a school yard fence seems close. Neither it is said, when the picture was taken. According to the report, the boy picked up a cheese pie from the garbage and started to eat it, while walking away.

student garbage bin

The incident was mentioned by the president of the Association of Teachers of Heraklion during a meeting with the city council. “The incident is not isolated,” the president said adding that “many parents confess to teachers the economic hardship they live in,while they are often unable to offer their children even a meal.”

Teachers of Heraklion indicated that there has been a growing number of  malnourished school children and asked municipalities to take action, as many parents are ashamed to ask for help.

With the economic collapse and the malnourished students in Cretan schools, “the need of soup kitchens in schools is imperative,” the teacher association stressed.

The government plan for offering breakfast to school children has not materialized yet.

Last week, Greek government and some associate organizations claimed that some signs of hope were on the horizon. Some Greeks wondered where exactly were these signs and why nobody else was able to see them.

Only last week, I heard of a private company that has announced to six out of its ten employees, they would be fired by end of April.

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  1. That is not a garbage pin , it is for recycling, maybe he looked for tins, but not food.