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Greece insists on pursuing Germany over WWII repations – unclear when

Greece is insistent on pursuing Germany over claimed reparations from World War II. Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos told Parliament on Wednesday that the Finance Ministry has completed its report with all available documents and that Athens has still to decide how to officially press the reparation claim.

“We will exhaust every means available to arrive to a result. One can’t compare the times, but also not erase the memories,” Greek FM told lawmakers.

However it is still open when Athens will be ready to submit its claim.

Since Greece started to raise the issue in 2012, there has been not convincing respond from Berlin that rejects the claims with thin argumentation of the long-time-has-passed style.

From what I hear, Athens has a strong point especially in the ‘loan’ issue: a loan of more than 50 billion euro (current value) that the Nazi regime enforced from Greece during the occupation in order to finance the …occupation of Greece and the operations of German African Corps .

I understand that Greece is small country and has no many cards – see also: allies – in the hand; especially now that it is in dire economic situation. However Greece needs to find the courage and the right time to submit its claims to International Justice, whatever the outcome would be. But take the risk at any case, if it has strong documentation.




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  1. Well, KTG, as we say in the good ole US of A.. You can wish in one hand, and you can “poo-” in the other and see what fills up first. So good luck with that trying to get money out of Germany!

  2. Greek populist politics as usual – will nothing ever change in this country?