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UPD Greek Parliament: Neo-nazi MPs shout “Heil Hitler” after ejection of fellow MP for cursing?

An unprecedented incident occurred at the Greek Parliament on Friday morning with Golden Dawn MPs cursing “trash”, “gang” and “sheep” at other lawmakers and reportedly shouting “heil Hitler”, while leaving the plenary hall.

The incident started when GD MP Panagiotis Iliopoulos spoke in disdain about a party leader (Tsipras) and describing the new anti-racist law as “soup”. He even threatened that “the Greek arrow will confront the constitution arrow”.

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The acting president of the session tried to call the MP back to order and invited him to respect the parliamentary code of conduct.

However Iliopoulos kept on talking, he even …ordered the president to “sit down” and called lawmakers applauding the president as “sheep”,  “gang” and “trash”.

The president ordered the ejection of Iliopoulos from the session, however the whole parliamentary group of Golden Dawn left the session so that Iliopoulos would escape the punishment.

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While the GD MPs were leaving the plenary hall shouts of “Heil Hitler” were heard. While the media reported that it was the GD MPs shouting this Nazi heil, a GD lawmaker claimed later, the shout came from SYRIZA deputies.

“Yiannis Dragasakis, a prominent SYRIZA MP and economist who was chairing the session, asked security guards to remove Iliopoulos after the far-right MP remarked that «Mr Alexis is preparing a souped-up question for the prime minister,” he said, adding that the leftist opposition leader was “sleeping the sleep of the just” and dreaming of waking up as prime minister.

Pulled up by Dragasakis for using derogatory language, Iliopoulos went further, condemning fellow MPs as «wretched sell-outs» and «goats.» Iliopoulos left Parliament, cursing all the while, accompanied by the remaining Golden Dawn MP who had been in attendance.

Shouts of “Heil Hitler” heard during the MPs’ departure were believed to have been uttered by the party’s parliamentary spokesman Christos Pappas though Golden Dawn claimed the cries came from SYRIZA deputies.”(ekahtimerini)

The new anti-racism bill clearly ‘pictures’ extreme-right Golden Dawn by providing harsh punishment to MPs inciting racist and pro-nazi propaganda.

UPDATE: Who said “Heil Hitler”?

After the outrage, Greek media report that it was left-wing SYRIZA MP Giorgos Pantzas who spoke the unspeakable. According to session minutes, Pantzas shouted at GD MP Iliopoulos. “You will pull the gun and shoot us? Heil Hitler”


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  1. You need to get your facts straight. It was a siriza MP who first said Heil Hitler as an insult to GD MPs.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      when this became known we added that to UPDATE. reading titles only does not help

  2. What are they so upset about ? Panagiotis Iliopoulos has “Sieg Heil” tattooed on his arm. They have all used the nazi salute in the past. They are on record smashing up market stalls, shutting down theatre plays, urinating on the studios of Mega. Yes, in the interests of reporting the facts, it should be clear who said what in this situation but I don’t understand their offense at being accused of admiring the very person they actually admit to admiring?