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Crete: Dutch “clown” in psychiatric facility for attempted murder of Russian boy

Dutch hotel employee Cirino Schrijver was arrested and transferred to a special detention facility where he will receive psychiatric treatment until his trial, Greek media reported on Monday. Cirino Schrijver, 20, faces court charges of attempted murder of 12-year-old Russian boy Nikita. Schrijver is suspected to have stabbed Nikita 20 times after stealing his laptop and mobile phone last week. While little Nikita is still hospitalized in Athens, doctors fear the boy may be not able to walk again due to the injuries caused by a knife.

cirino schrijver

Cirino Schrijver

Short after the attack in a hotel of Heraklion on the island of Crete last week, his mother claimed Schrijver was autistic and needed special medication and supervision.  Cirino had visited Crete with his family in May and then decided to get a summer job, while his family returned to the Netherlands.

During his interrogation by prosecutor and investigator on Monday, Schrijver declined to cooperate.

“Schrijver’s attorney apologized for his defendant, stressing the accused was suffering from a severe mental disease and had been put on medication back in The Netherland, but stopped taking prescribed drugs after taking up animator job at a Crete hotel.

According to the lawyer, Cirino Schrijver was deemed legally incapable by a Dutch court, adding he hadn’t been able to give a logical answer to a single question and wasn’t authorized to sign any legal papers.” (media)

While Schrijver’s family makes use of Cirino’s medical condition, Russia’s investigation committee tries to intervene and ensure the Dutchman will be charged.

victim Nikita

Greece’s public opinion has been shocked by the brutality of the crime and some internet users demand even the prosecution of his mother for neglecting her supervision duty and leaving Schrijver alone in Crete.

“His mother, Alexandra Schrijver, and sister, who returned to Greece to testify, presented the court with a medical history of the suspect, who is diagnosed with autism, to the court.

His mother, who was born in Greece but adopted by a Dutch family at an early age, claims that a Dutch court has ruled that her son is not legally competent.

The Crete court ruled that, as she is her son’s legal representative, Alexandra Schrijver is prohibited from talking about the case to the media as it may prejudice the outcome. (enetenglish)

Last week, Alexandra Schrijver told Dutch media, her son had an IQ of 60 and the mind of a child.

Many Greek internet users question also the hotel practices to hire seasonal personnel without checking documents and records. Cirino Schrijver was hired as clown/children’s entertainer.


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