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What a shame! Greek FinMin to collect taxes even by those with €300 monthly income

Do you owe money to the Greek state? You have a debt to the tax office? A new circular regulates the installments that make it easier for you to pay your debts. The generosity of the Greek finance ministry and the Troika set an unprecedented example on how the poor can spare his last dime to pay taxes!

For declared monthly income of 500 euro, the minimum installment amount to be paid  will be 5%. i.e. 25 euro per month.

But just 20 euro if the monthly income is 400 euro.

Extremely benefiting from the state generosity are those with income 300 euro per month (that is 300×12 = 3,600 euro annual income). They won’t be asked to pay more than 15 euro per month. In fact, those poor devils will be blessed to pay their taxes in 15 installments – rain in, sun out, until they have pay their taxes of some 320 euro.

Similarly, the installments for better incomes will be:

for declared income 500-1000 euro per month, installment will be 30-60 euro per month

for declared income 1000-1500 euro per month, installment will be 70-100 euro per month

and so on.

Why the extreme poor will have to pay taxes? Because of the damned Troika-Greek government agreement that taxation is based on “deemed income”: each human needs at least 3,000 euro per year to cover expenses like food, shampoo and toilet paper, the Troika and the several Greek finance ministers (Venizelos, Stournaras) have calculated. According to which criteria? Please, address your questions directly the Troika and the Greek finance ministry directly.

I write this, because utilities like electricity and water are counted as extras by the Greek tax office.

It doesn’t matter if the European Union puts the threshold for living below the poverty line at 6,000 euro annual income., i.e. 500 euro per month.

The loan agreements between Athens and its lenders will have to squeeze the last nose hair from the poorest Greek.

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