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Crete: Woman, 58, armed with cleaver threatens tax officers

A very angry woman entered the tax office of Chania in Crete at 9 o’clock on Monday morning. In real outrage, she was shouting and brandishing a cleaver she was holding. She threatened the tax office staff.

She was reportedly shouting “Give me my money back!”

She managed to enter the office of the president of the Association of  Tax Officers of Western Crete and hit his office several times with her  weapon.

The police was quick to rush to the tax office, disarm her and take her to police station of the city. The 58-year-old is to face charges of illegal possession and use of weapon.

According to local media, the woman had debts to the state and the tax office had just sized the owed money from a bank account she was keeping.

Information about the height of her debt and the confiscated amount from the bank has not been revealed.

PS That was an isolated incident in Greece of harsh austerity, recession and overtaxing. Confronted with the robbing hand of the state, the average taxpayer normally suffers a brain-stroke or a heart-attack. Some others just commit suicide…

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  1. Meanwhile here in Canada a member of parliament (opposition party) had his pay check garnisheed to repay $50,000 tax bill. He’s also been removed from his position. No cleavers were involved.