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Holocaust-deniers in Greek Parliament

As provocative as it gets. Taking advantages of legislation shortages and lope holes. An MP from extreme-right, neo-nazi Golden Dawn directly/indirectly accepted the party was denying the existence of Holocaust. Provocation on purpose? Most probably…

During a session of  the economic committee investigated the infamous Lagarde-List, GD MP Ilias Kassidiaris lambasted one of the witnesses – Greek-Jewish Samy Mioni –  for not testifying in person in front of the committee but having submitted a written testimony. Samy Mioni’s name is on the Lagarde-list in connection with a 500 million euro account.

“Mr Mioni does not appear before the committee because there were Hocolaust deniers. Indeed, there are committee members who deny it” Kasidiaris said.
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This statement triggered an uproar among the other members of the committee with one PASOK MP asking whether there was any punishment for an MP denying the Holocaust using the Parliament floor.

The PASOK MP stressed that “punishment for Holocaust-deniers in Germany was 5 years imprisonment.”

But Greece is not Germany and has a different background on this issue.

Furthermore, Greece is Greece, that is a country where everyone does whatever one wants, whether there are laws or not.

And moreover, there is not any punishment for MPs denying the Holocaust or incite to racism. Greece’s political parties still argue and disagree on the ani-racism law.

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