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Athens: “Caryatids among us” Amazing Photo Exhibition; opening June 11/2013

What is this that can make the difference in Athens underground? A group of Caryatids waiting at the metro station… The statue of a Caryatid in red – amazing pitch amid the metallic, neon light, icy-cold decoration of the station ! I am so impressed by this particular picture I cannot but urgently advice you to visit the photo exhibition by photographer and Visual Artist Amalia Sotiropoulou.

caryatids photo exhibition

Yes, Caryatids are among us. Silent and imposing keep an eye on the Athenians – residents and tourists

Caryatids. Καρυάτιδες: The Girls from Karyæ
With Athens seemingly crumbling to its ancient core Amalia Sotiropoulou summons wisdom of CARYATIDS with shows in Athens, Boston
ATHENS, GREECE—Photographer and Visual Artist Amalia Sotiropoulou pays homage to the six sage women who hold up Athens. Her latest show channels the quiet resilience of the Spartan maidens against a backdrop of modern Athens. Borrowing the Caryatids from their sacred porch at The Acropolis, Sotiropoulou reminds the world that, even in crisis-mired Athens, the profound imagery of these ancient women scream relevance, determination and strength.

Arion Journal of Humanities and the Classics at Boston University will feature Sotiropoulou’s “CARYATIDS” in its upcoming issue. “These images provocatively explore the living link between Classical Greece and our contemporary world,” says Arion Editor-in-Chief Dr. Herb Golder. “Caryatids, the show, celebrates their wisdom, humanity, humor and grace—all hallmarks of Hellenism.”

CARYATIDS Curated by Diane Mantouvalos 

Greece: Athens CARYATIDS. Καρυάτιδες, Opening Night: Tuesday, June 11, 7:30pm || Gallery Skoufa, Skoufa 4, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 3643025

USA: Boston CARYATIDS Opening, Thursday, June 13, 6:30pm || French Cultural Center, 53 Marlborough St, Boston

The exhibition is Athens will be between June 11-July 6/2013.

There is an open invitation for the opening night 🙂

amalia sotiropoulou


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