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Greek students invent the ultimate, fully automatic Frappe-coffee mixing machine

The day does not stop impressing me. After the crowd funded orbiting space telescope, another great news confirms that Greeks never dry out of innovative ideas. Two students of Electrical Engineering invented the ultimate Greek Frappe mixing machine. Water, coffee, milk and sugar, they all land in the one-portion cup and are stirred automatically. All the human needs to do is to add a straw and take the plastic cup away.


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The fully automatic machine was invented by Giorgos Baroumas, 27, and Stavros Zambetis, 28, in the context of their diploma work at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete.

OK, the machine is spacious and weights some ten kilos. But with some funding capital to facilitate several modifications the fancy machine could find its place at every cafeteria and bar across the country.

Non-stop frappe

Meanwhile, CretaLive reports of another innovative idea, also from Crete. A special construction to drink frappe while riding a motorcycle.

Famous Greek Frappe coffee is the art to enjoy a glass of  foam-covered, well beaten iced coffee. It is part of the Greek coffee culture since a couple of decades.

While I need just 5 minutes to drink down my frappe (1 tsp instant coffee, 2 tsp sugar, 3 ice cubes, a dash of milk), the majority of Greeks seems to be able to spend half of their day sitting next to half-full frappe glass with dissolved foam. They must take a frappe sip every 30 minutes or so…

Frappe drinkers are everywhere

Half-full frappe glasses or plastic cups from the take away, standing for hours with dissolved foam, you will find preferably next to a civil servant’s chair or at municipalities customer service.

In the private sector,  the empty frappe cups are part of the decoration of a car repair shop.

Frappe is the non-plus-ultra prop of Greek protesters. German general consul in Thessaloniki had an unorthodox way to taste some cups full of frappe last year during a demonstration.  But as said: that was last year.

PS I think, I missed the ice-cubes part on the video… That would be awful work, if we’d have to add the ice-cubes by hand.

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