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Notorius “EU official”: No Greece aid for 3 months if Troika review not concluded

Been there, seen that. 1000+1 times since Greece sought the aid of IMF, EU and ECB. The regular blackmailing: the notorious -and anonymous – “EU source”exhausting Greeks’ patience, putting pressure to EU beggars to give in to Troika’s demands.

While the Troika’s representatives feel the pulse of several ministers in Athens, putting on the table new ‘fiscal adjustment’ demands, Reuters reported on Wednesday morning:

“International lenders may freeze emergency aid to Greece for three months unless Athens can convince them that the country is on track to meet its reform goals, a senior euro zone official said on Wednesday.

“If we don’t conclude this review, I don’t see any disbursement to Greece over the next three months”,” the official told reporters, referring to a health check of the country’s progress by the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

Euro zone finance ministers are expected to decide the issue on Monday, but the official said it was unlikely they would delay the payment.” (Reuters)

The cheap game of EU officials was demonstrated yesterday, Tuesday, when four (!) Euro Zone officials warned “Greece had three days to reassure Europe and the IMF that it can deliver on conditions attached to its bailout in order to receive its next tranche of aid.”

Reuters reported that the country’s “lenders were unhappy with progress Greece has made towards reforming its public sector, a senior euro zone official involved in the negotiations said, while another said they might suspend an inspection visit they resumed on Monday.

Athens, which has about 2.2 billion euros of bonds to redeem in August, needs the talks to conclude successfully.

If they fail, the International Monetary Fund might have to withdraw from the 240 billion euro ($313 billion) bailout to avoid violating its own rules, which require a borrower to be financed a year ahead.”

Just hours after the Reuters report, Simon O’Connor, spokesman for EU Monetary Commissioner Olli Rehn, dismissed the ‘deadline, saying “there was not any 3-day deadline” but that the talks should have been concluded by upcoming Monday. That is indeed in three days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ( LOL )

PS What? No money until the German elections in September? OH, NOOOOooooOOOOOooooo….


anonymous EU official scares Greek couple

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  1. The nightmare that never ends?

  2. Well, go on then… call their bluff? And say: “Stuff your 8,7 billion!”?