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Athens: public bus stop for …climbers

Eternal Greek innovation and improvisation. The public bus crosses the Athens/Attica highway. At the area of Agios Stefanos in the northern of Greek capital the bus stops only for passengers with a full training in climbing, mountaineering or 110-meter-hurdles.

The metallic parapet that separates the highway from the parallel street is long and 50 cm high.

crazy bus stop

more pictures in

The bus passengers have either to climb over the metallic hurdle and jump or walk some 200 meters on the emergency lane of the high way. Of course, at their own risk that they could be hit by a car.

News portal  that brought up the story, stresses that hundreds of passengers use this bus stop on a daily basis.

PS I suppose, the bus stop is meant only as small training unit between work place and home. Elderly and moms with kids are kindly invited to refrain from coming close to a busy highway.


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