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Athens SOS: urgent appeal for cancer patient without insurance

A woman, 45, with cancer cannot afford to pay for chemotherapy drugs worth 4,450 euro. The Metropolitan Community Clinic in Elliniko, south Athens, made an urgent appeal seeking for donations. “The woman’s life is in danger, if she doesn’t start a course of chemotherapy drugs immediately,” said the MCC – one of the biggest voluntary health clinics in Greece that provides health care free of charge for those without insurance.

One of the country’s biggest voluntary health clinics has issued an urgent appeal for medicines for a woman with breast cancer who has no health insurance and cannot afford life-saving treatment.

The 45-year-old woman, who recently had breast surgery, needs to complete a second course of chemotherapy but doesn’t have anything near the €4,450 required for the necessary drugs.        According to the Metropolitan Community Clinic in Elliniko, which has treated 12,000 people since it opened in December 2011, her life will be in danger if she doesn’t start taking the drugs immediately.

Specifically, she needs the following:        Taxotere: 80mg x 4 boxes (€264.50 per box) = €1,058
Taxotere: 20mg x 8 boxes (€69.47 per box) = €555.76
Neulasta: 1 x 4 boxes (€704.75 per box) = €2,819
Total cost: €4,432.76

The clinic, which strictly refuses all cash donations, is hoping that sponsors can be found to provide the woman with the life-saving drugs she desperately needs.        Last week, the clinic said the “inhuman policies” of the health ministry were leading to uninsured people dying helplessly because they don’t have the money to pay for treatment and the cost of their medicines.

Contact        If you think you can help, please contact the clinic:

Tel: +30 210 963 1950
Email: (Greek) (English)        Opening hours

Monday: 10am to 2pm; 5-8pm
Tuesday: 10am to 8pm
Wednesday: 10am to 2pm; 4-8pm
Thursday: 10am to 8pm
Friday: 10am to 2pm; 4-8pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm

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  1. Cancer therapy drugs don’t work!
    I implore you to try an alkaline diet and alkaline water as an alternative. Also research MMS and CDS. I know of 3 so called terminal patients this has worked for.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      lol telle this to million to cancer patients around the world. Also it is not scientific proven that alkaline diet helps. BTW: I hate when some use other’s people plight for own promotion.