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16,800 swim strokes away…

I do 10 strokes per 15 seconds. That is 40 strokes per minute. I swim one hour every day. Considering that I keep a steady rhythm, pace  and speed I do 2,400 strokes per day. I am not a quick swimmer and my technique could be judged as ‘below average’. But I rather set for endurance and … an hour of day dreaming inside the salty blue sea.

I certainly do not swim to my full potential. Unless the wind speed is at 4.5-5 Beaufort, moderate waves keep coming towards the shore and I’m trying to reach my goal: swim from the one edge of the bay to the other and back. That’ s when I enjoy swimming at the most.

I have been doing my daily swimming rounds since last Saturday. That is 2,400 strokes per day x 7 days = 16,800 strokes in total since I arrived in Agia Marina.

I am 16,800 swim strokes away from Washington where President Obama met with Greek PM Samaras and declared that ‘”here cannot be only austerity program without growth and jobs creations.” Obamas’ declaration is trivial. That’s something that even the tiny Greek fish my legs has been knowing  since 2010, the latest..

I am 16,800 strokes away from the earthquakes that worry the residents of Fthiodita, away from the civil servants’ protests, the upcoming home evictions, that taxes, the families depending on soup kitchens.

I am 16,800 strokes away from daily problems in Athens and the past, present and future austerity measures that hit and will hit the nation.

Interesting observation: while the first days, the senses were capturing the surrounding but the brain cells were busy with the hardships of daily Greek life, the more I swam the more the brain cells were getting empty of these problems. Hence the counting of strokes. Empty brain for a perfect relaxation and recreation.

Best is that I believe that meanwhile I could survive in the 5-Beaufort sea for 1-1.5 hour after the ship I am on starts to sink.

Problem is that the sea condition where the Greek ship is sinking is of 7 Beaufort in form of recession. I don’t know how long my endurance can keep my head above water.

PS the other day I saw the “Bionic Man” doing brisk walking in water depth up to his waist. I have to try this 🙂


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