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Greek food stores to sell expired food as of 1. September 2013: YUCK on our plates

Do you remember these posts of mine about a year ago on a law allowing the sale of expired food at supermarkets? This blessed happy hour for the austerity-hit, taxes-ridden, unemployment-beaten and income-less impoverished Greek households is to start as of 1. September 2013.

In separate sections of supermarkets and food stores,  food items expired up to 3 months will be allowed to be sold at lower price.

the regulation refers to food with expiration “best use before’.

expiration date with date and month: food can be sold up to a week.

expiration date with month and year: can be sold up to a month.

expiration date with year: can be sold up to three months

These are special regulations for sensitive food stuff like milk, cheese or cold meats.

The condition of the expired food to be sold relays solely at the responsibility of the seller.

I honestly hope, the hungry Greeks won’t storm the supermarkets on Sept 1st to get a package or rice expired 2 months ago for one euro.

More details on the expired food regulations here and here in Greek

KTG articles on the issue incl regulations in English here and here

From what I understand the new regulations forbid the sale of the expired food items in areas of mass catering.

Fo course, there is an issue as to who will control restaurants and other similar facilities so that consumers won’t eat expired sandwiches, gemista or chicken with expired penne.

No, it seems that there is no provision about online sales. Maybe the Greek ministries are not aware of online groceries 😛

PS the decline and fall of Samaras’ success story: instead of taking the fight against the price cartels he offers expired food to people.


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