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No money for emergency property tax? “Sell your home!” says Greek Minister

ΑHA! A genius proposal  by a brilliant politician – you know, of the kind of “siblings of live-long powerful politicians”. Deputy Mercantile Marine Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis stunned the audience of private ANT1 television when he advised families to put ads in the real estate markets and sell their property:

“Those who do not have money to pay the emergency property tax, should sell their homes.”

The minister advocated “equality in taxation”, that is a unified property tax based not on owner’s income but on the value of the property of the taxpayer. (via tvxgr)

AHA (Nr 2) ! Varvitsiotis tells me to sell my home commercial worth let’s say 300,000 euro at almost half the price -as the real estate market is in deep recession – in order to pay … what? 750 euro emergency property tax per year? No to mention that if home is sold, there would be no more emergency property tax to be asked by me other than for the current year of selling the property. IS HE NUTS?

A Greek journalist sharply criticized the ‘smart” suggestion reminds of the food black-marketers during the Nazi-occupation during the WWII.

Such a proposal brings us back to older times, when black-marketers* would sell a 5-liter container of oil at the price of a whole property.

The same rules who deprived Greeks from their income, their work, their health care and their pensions during the last four years, now they want to reach out and get the houses for a piece of bread.

Such an idea would bring absolute. On the contrary, such an idea is too risky. It could trigger social explosion. (source)


Upon hearing Varvitsiotis’ proposal, my grandpa (RIP) would burst into laughter and say “Hey! Look who is governing HAHAHA! Look what kind of politicians we have HAHAHA!”. My grandpa would certainly die of a laughter attack.

Who are these Greek ministers and deputy ministers who serve the interests of the country’s lenders and do their best to save the banks and the euro but ruin the Greek people, their voters too? Miltiadis Varvitsiotis is the son of Ioannis Varvitsiotis

I wonder if the throne of the maritime ministry is exposed to the aftershocks of really rough sea?

*the family of one of my aunts were victim to such a deal: the three orphans, aged 12-18, had sold the small family home to black-marketers in order to get food during the Great Famine in 1941-1942.

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One comment

  1. To expect Greek people to sell their only home to pay property tax is obviously a step to far!
    You need to find a buyer too – this can take years in some cases as there are not so many people looking for houses in Greece, or apartments in cities and towns where there are not enough jobs.
    …. but many Greeks who are otherwise not wealthy (maybe more on the islands) have more than one house and selling these extra houses would help – not only the seller, but also the local economy through jobs in renovating old houses and materials sales for local builders merchants and DIY shops. Also the taxman will gain as property purchase tax is very high in Greece, far more than the annual property tax they are struggling to collect from some people.