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Greek FinMin baptizes “lay-offs” in “obligatory exits”, promises to hire 15K new civil workers

AHA! Greek government found a new word to describe lay-offs in the public sector. They are not ‘lay-offs’ anymore but ‘obligatory exits’. In Greek government plans it comes even better: those 15,000 civil servants to be laid-off until end of 2014, will be replaced by 15,000 new employees!

Finance minister Yiannis Stournaras said all these nice things to VIMA FM on Monday morning.

“Yiannis Stournaras clarified that there will be no layoffs, only ‘obligatory exit’ for 15,000 state workers by the end of 2014.  Their positions will be filled by 15,000 recruited new employees in order to improve the quality of public administration.” (source)

So what’s the point of kicking out 15,000 civil servants to replace them with 15,000 new civil servants?

Are those to be laid-off being fired because the test criteria proved they were not doing their jobs in sufficient and qualitative way? No. As the government is unable to do so and fire people according to meritocracy criteria, whole organisations and institutions (school guards, public broadcaster ERT etc) are being closed down to meet the Troika criteria for a trimmed down public administration.

So what’s the logic in this what it seems illogical thinking?

I assume, the thinking of Stournaras is

that by end of 2014, the state would have 15,000 less civil servants’. As a surplus and upwards trend are expected, they will start hiring again by 2015 and thus with lower salaries, no benefits and just temporary contracts.

And most probably apply again the same old Greek tradition: trade votes for workplaces in the public sector…

The taxpayers will pay for the pensions and the compensations of the old 15K and the salaries of the new 15K. But it’s not Stournaras’ money, right?

…or am I wrong?

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  1. Mr. Stournaras is A Stournari. In other words a stump of idiocy sutch a small country drowning in red tape and stupidity.What is needed is simplicity and a 2×4.
    Sorry pos above went sans spell ck.

  2. You are absolutely right KTG. It’s the same old tricks again. How can those Troika guys be so stupid to fall for it time and again is beyond me!

    • you really think the Troika falls for it? they don;t know? it’s the game they both play – because the Troika knows the government must gives some concessions to voters, otherwise the bad Alex will come into power.