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Absence of school guards creates chaos outside Athens elementary schools (video)

Whhhat? Were school guards in Greek schools necessary? didn’t the Greek government know that when it decided to send 2,250 school guards home and suspend the institution all together in order to comply with the Troika’s demands for several thousands less people in the country’s public sector?

News portal reports of unprecedented scenes outside elementary schools when parents went to pick up their children. In the absence of the school guards, the teachers had to safeguard the safe exit of the children from the school door.

Parents were thronging outside the school’s main entrance, trying to identify their children -many in the first grade – amid the huge group.

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A mother waiving with her hand: “Christo! … Christo!… Christo!.. Christo!… Christo!… Christo!… Christo!…”

Another mother: “here!… Here!… Here!…”

The scene was filmed outside a building hosting two elementary schools somewhere in Athens.

I don’t know how school guards delivered children to their parents, but the scenes captured by the video camera are incredible.

Meanwhile I hear that elementary school teachers have got their orders to enter a new position in another school often quite away from where they live. Yes, the teachers’ families would possibly be split apart, their kids may suffer if the parents have to live apart from each other.

Schools started on Wednesday. In the following days we will definitely observe more problems caused by the last minute ‘structural reforms’.

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  1. Just think of how this generation of Greek children will grow up to be.
    No wonder all my relatives are going childless in Greece, from my grandparents having 12 on one side and 3 on the other to my aunts and uncles having a total of 10 to my cousins having a total of 4.

  2. I don’t understand. Where I live teachers dismiss school kids (I have worked as a teacher). There have never been these sorts of guards really, some parent volunteers. Teachers can just get kids to line up.

  3. Greek idea of lining up! Xa xa xaaaaaaaaa!

  4. What did the ‘school guards’ actually do? Are teachers in Greece unable to organize the children, or maybe start with the youngest class earliest, and others finish at 5 minute intervals, so not so many at one time.

  5. This demonstraits the Greeks loss of civilisation of recent years.They have become rude, selfish and arrogant. They show no care for the other parents or thier children, all that matters to them is them-selves and thier children, this is thier attitude to everything and why the country is in the mess it is in.ME ME ME and nothing else or nobody else matters. This attitude is demonstraited from the top down.

  6. The notion that “school guards” should exist at all is risible. One more example of the “non” job creation schemes that have brought Greece to disaster.

  7. I see nobody has pity with the fired school guards…