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Suspected Golden Dawn supporters attack supporters of Communist KKE

Nine people were taken to the hospital after a group of suspected ultra-right Golden Dawn supporters attacked members of the Communist Party (KKE) as they were putting up posters in Perama, near Piraeus, late on Thursday. According to Greek media, the incident occurred around midnight when a group of some 50 people armed with iron bars and wooden bats attacked a smaller group of KKE supporters.

Greek Communist part (KKE) but also eye witnesses said that the assailants came out of the nearby streets, some in cars and some on motorcycles, surrounded the KKE-members and beat them with iron bars and sticks.

Alarmed neighbors called the ambulance and the police. However, no assailant was detained.

The assault «confirms the Nazi character of Golden Dawn whose permanent target is KKE which is fighting to overturn the capitalist system that has spawned fascism and Nazism,» the party said in a statement. KKE condemned the attack as « devious and murderous.”

Golden Dawn dismissed the KKE claims and described the communists as “Bolsheviks of calamity”.

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  1. I was walking to my parked car and was jumped by 5 black…I mean white golden dawn members, yeah, that’s the ticket.
    These lies are really getting old, sheeple.