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Greek PM Samaras: Greece will recover by 2019

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said the debt-ridden country could return to pre-crisis living standards within six years.

“According to most [experts], we will not need a couple of decades, not a couple of generations, but only six years,” he said in a speech.

He was speaking in Rome ahead of talks with EU officials in Brussels.

International lenders are due to conduct a new audit of Greece, where strikes against cuts are under way.

Greece’s economy has shrunk by 23% since 2008, and international lenders expect it to diminish by a further 4.2% this year.

Speaking at a conference organised by the International Herald Tribune, Mr Samaras said his government had implemented “sweeping reforms”. (full article BBC  here )

PS I wonder how the 1.4 million unemployed will manage to survive another six years and then suddenly find themselves in their living standards as before the crisis. Greek miracle :)))




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