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Pavlos Fyssas: Leftist rapper murdered by suspected Golden Dawn member

Greece is shaken with the murder of a leftist unionist and rapper by a man with links to the extreme right. Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed right to the heart on a street of Amfiali area of Keratsini suburb of Piraeus on Tuesday night. He was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after arriving. The murder, a 45-year-old man, was captured by the police short after the incident. According to Greek media, the assailant has links to extreme right.

On Wednesday morning, Greek media reported that the assailant has admitted the murder to police and also that he was a member of Golden Dawn.

According to latest reports Greek police raided two offices of Golden Dawn in Athens.

Earlier today, Golden Dawn dismissed media claims that the party had anything to do with the murder.

The incident

the incident happened short after midnight. Eye witnesses and the father of the victim claim that Petros Fyssas had left a cafeteria  where he was watching the match Olympiakos vs Paris St Germain Champions League.

“While he was watching the match, he said something about Golden Dawn. They were informed.  When he came out a car approached, somebody got out and stabbed my son,” Fyssas’ father told reporters. There are also claims that a group of some 15 people had set an ambush near the cafeteria.

Eye witnesses claim also that the ambulance arrived 30 minutes later.

Petros Fyssas was in the company of his girl friend when he got attacked.

The 45-year-old suspected attacker was arrested by a policewoman near the scene of the stabbing shortly after.

Some reports claim that the incident occurred in front of motorcycled police units DIAS who had rushed to the area as there was tension. But it looks the attacker was quicker than the police.

According to unconfirmed information, police seized the mobile phone of the assailant in order to find out if he was informed by some cafeteria visitor.

Who was Pavlos Fyssas?

Pavlos Fyssas had been part of the Greek hip-hop scene since 1997 and performed under the name Killah P. He was a member of metal workers’ union and of left, anti-capitalist party Antarsya.

ANTARSYA and the Communist Party condemned the incident, blaming Golden Dawn for the victim’s death and claiming that Fyssas was targeted because of his anti-fascists activity.

Petros Constantinou, a spokesman for ANTARSYA, alleged that there had been no quarreling prior to the incident, but that a group of antifascists were attacked by about 40 members of Golden Dawn outside the cafe. He also claimed on Skai radio that the attack occurred in the presence of Dias police units.

Responding to the allegations, Golden Dawn MP IliasKasidiaris denied his party’s involvement in the incident and said that the party would respond with lawsuits. (ekathimerini)

The incident has shaken the Greek public opinion and the political world as it looks like a “politically motivated murder”.

Latest information from downtown Athens say that even anti-terror units have moved to the city’s centre and that the cafes at Zappeion have been closed.

“There is fear that some urgly incidents may break out,” a friend told me.

Wednesday marks the start of a 48-hour strike launched by public sector union ADEDY to protest the mobility scheme of civil servants.

As the developments are rapid, check for updates.



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  1. Tired of reading all these lies about Golden Dawn of Greece.

    They are a political party of nationalists and not murderers.

    The murderers of Greek population are those claiming to be the “democrats – leftists” and everyone knows that.

    I am very sad that a young man was killed like this but it’s a shame that Greek Junta decided to give political views on this accident to favor the system and blame Golden Dawn. MOREOVER, elections for mayors in Greece are coming and the Greek Junta system of PASOK-ND-SYRIZA-KKE wants to keep the corruption party going on……SAD…..

    Golden Dawn is against BANKERS and their system of economic war, that’s why many people wants them out of the parliament.

    The problem is that people are not so stupid…… and they will vote for them

    • Golden Dawn is against bankers?? What have you smoked today?
      If they were against the banks, why the fuck do they smash the market stalls of immigrants?

    • GD is destabilizing the rule of law, they dispise democracy. These actions of murder and terrorizing the streets in Greece are a logical extension of the political practices of those who deny the Holocaust and that people were killed at the Athens Polytechnic uprising against the junta in 1973.
      Please, Wolfgang, go back and reread your history lessons to see what hell people like you and your beloved friends of the GD are capable of creating. This time the knife came fare and squarely from the right. No chance in hell to deny this now after the confession.

    • Golden Dawn is a bunch of uneducated, nazi thugs. They shame the country they claim to love. Like their predecessors, they will fall. And the pathetic greeks that support them will hide. The world spits on them all.

    • “Lies about Golden Dawn” !!!

      They have assaulted, attacked and even killed immigrants with impunity for years now. Then they moved on to Gay people. This is well-documented. There are countless witnesses and proof. The only problem is that no-one took any notice. Only on small blogs like mine and this one and a few active Twitter accounts. NOW, they killed a Greek man. They were CALLED to the cafe by someone. They were not present at the initial argument. This is called a hit squad.

      I am sick of Golden Dawn apologists, Golden Dawners and with everyone who ignores their violent, hate-filled actions and speech.

      It is sad that it takes the life of a young Greek man to bring this evil gang into the spotlight for their crimes not just their rants against immigrants.


      • ‘The only problem is that no-one took any notice’ – I would disagree. They did took notice but preferred to ignore considering it affects the parias (migrants, gay) according to their mentality. it had to be a Greek to make them wake up.

        • Yes, you’re probably right “They did took notice but preferred to ignore considering it affects the parias (migrants, gay) according to their mentality” and that’s even more scary and sad. As a black foreigner here, I feel so unbelievably shocked and terrified by, not only the actions of GD and their supporters, but by the reaction of ordinary Greeks. Part of me wants to just keep my mouth shut, lock myself in my house or leave. The other part of me, the part that is winning, wants to be part of the solution.

  2. Greek crazy fools voting for GD murderers! This is what I said from the first time I heard of these anti-Greek clowns. First they kill foreigners, then GLTB people, then all other political groups and then anyone who thinks differently until there´s no-one left. What Greeks learned from Nazi Germany? Nothing. What GD Greeks learned from their grandparents fighting against Nazi Germany? Nothing. Shame on to these low life dogs!

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