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Greek PM Samaras calls Golden Dawn “Successors of the Nazis”

The long awaited statement of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on the murder of left musician Pavlos Fyssas by a member of extreme-right Golden Dawn was transmitted to the public at 13:00 on Thursday. Samaras’ reaction came long time after international reactions like from the Council of Europe, the European People’s Party (EPP) group in the European Parliament or the President of the S&D Group Swoboda…

Nevertheless, Samaras did take position and sharply attacked Golden Dawn describing the party as “successors of the Nazis”.

Samaras Speech:

“We all know that the country is at an extremely critical moment.

And that our people endure greater sacrifices.

To beat the crisis. And achieve its economic revival.

This is no time for internal fights, or tension.

Any political disagreements are to be resolved through democratic dialogue,  not through inflammatory disputes, neither through violence,  wherever it may come from, and – how much more – not with blood. That divides us in and exposes the image of Greece abroad.

As it happened with the brutal murder of PavlosFyssas that every Greek condemns with abhorrence .

I’m struggling and will struggle until the end to finish the ascent of the sacrifices of the Greek people .

But the downhill of the violence destroys any prospect of Greece to acquire what it deserves : development, peace and prosperity. So let everyone respect the people, their struggle and their sacrifices .

And of course, this government is determined not to allow the successors of the Nazis to poison our social life, to commit crimes , to terrorize and undermine the foundations of the country that gave birth to Democracy!

Democracy is much more powerful than its enemies think ! “

Daily Ekathimerini commented that

“Samaras’ statement appeared to be in a different direction to comments made by his close adviser Chrysanthos Lazaridis on Wednesday, when he blamed SYRIZA, as well as Golden Dawn, for political violence and suggested that the leftist party was not part of the “constitutional arc”. ekathimerini)

KTG was impressed about Samaras’ worries about the image of Greece abroad the moment blood has been shed in what is obviously a ‘politically motivated murder’.


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One comment

  1. If you would take care of the people – and not only “Greeks” but all who live or try to live in Greece – you would cancel all plans to destroy the Libyan Sea by screwing 5000 meter deep mud-vulcanos. Leave the Giant Octopodia their homes, bring the “nation” on the bike, rearrange the fleet with engines driven by wind-turbines and build wooden-framed windmills instead of concrete-monsters and solarparks, make Tsipouro and Zanté-cigarettes a cult in European nightlive, legalize Kalamata Grass to boost tourism, destroy the German potatoe-industry with potatoes from Greece, aso. Just that windmills would bring 300.000 real jobs and afterwards the educated workers can switch into building wooden boats but last night I was drinking Greek wine, fake labelled as “Sicilian from Marsala” and without the Italian quality stamp D.O.C.
    Kick out all policemen who cooperate with Nazis, ask for to trial Kammenos for lynch-bullying against Chalkidiki, help S.O.S. Chalkidiki instead of destroy it.
    But Greece, you know what, for 01.01.2014 there will be a new coalition of ND, X.A. and Kammenos. With good luck the answer will be Karatea and a Phoenix, a new Greece that understands that the Aegaen does not belong to Turkey or Greece but to the fish.
    “Birthplace of Democracy” is such a stupid joke, a (Phil)Hellenistic disorientation just like the (ancient) Olympic Ganes without doping or Dendias’ “Dorian Invasion”, that never happened. Can anyone tell him that there are still roadnames in Dorian (and Greek) language in an area that is close to one of the hotbeds of the (former?) dynamite fishers.
    Oh, yeah, dynamite fishers destroyed in 2011 85% of the fish around the paradises of Amorgos, Koufonissa and Sfakia but not in the Mani, and everythere there you can find Pinna; for me looks like this “Dorian Invaders” learnt something.