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Golden Dawn activities sweep through Greek police ranks; army to follow?

Greek government is indeed alarmed about the activities of extreme-right Golden Dawn following the murder of left rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a GD member last week. It seems that the political leadership of the Greek police pushed at least two high ranking police officers to resignation on the occasion of investigation about the activities of the extreme-right party.

In an unprecedented case for Greek realities (nobody resigns easily…), two senior Greek police officers resigned on Monday and four local officers have been suspended.

The Public Order Ministry said on Monday that the general inspector for police in southern Greece, lieutenant general Yiannis Dikopoulos and the general director for police in central Greece, major general Apostolos Kaskanis, had tendered their resignations over “personal reasons”. No more details were given.

The police has also launched an investigation into a raid on Golden Dawn offices in Halkida, Evia, on Friday after it was deemed that some of the party’s members who should have been arrested were allowed to go free.

Four officers – the local police chief, the head of the Halkida precinct, the duty officer and a patrol officer – have been suspended pending the outcome of the probe. (ekathimerini)

Last Friday outside Golden Dawn headquarters in Halkida, located just a few hundred meters from the headquarters of the Police Directorate of Euboea. There were people who brought items included in the gun laws (bats, etc.). Greek media report that local police authorities did not interfere as they should have as they should have and neither did they informed the Greek Police Headquarters in Athens.

GD members claim police, army personnel has connection with GD

Soon after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, alleged members of Golden Dawn have claimed in anonymous interviews that supporters and members of the group within the police often helped protect Golden Dawn from raids.

They also claimed that GD ‘assault squads’ have been trained by active and retired personnel of special units of the Greek Armed Forces, like the Marines.

Daily To Ethnos  that has been publishing these interviews posted some pictures on Monday showing a night training of a Golden Dawn ‘assault squads’. The training allegedly took place short before the general elections of May 2012.

Στρατιωτικά γυμνάσια από τους νεοναζί

Ethnos: “The screenshots show one of the assault squads during a night training. The general supervision is being held by somebody whom those who circulated the pictures try to protect. Thus serious questions have been raised about his (the supervisor) professional capacity, particularly its relationship with the Greek army.  Jogging, pushups, combat knives, bats, hoods and masks:  the nightmarish scene that refers directly to a paramilitary organization.”

On Sunday Defence Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos issued a statement in which he makes known that he required from the leadership of the Greek Armed Forces to investigate allegations that members of GAF were involved with the Golden Dawn activities.

Over the past months, especially after Golden Dawn won entrance in the parliament in June 2012, there have been many allegations about police secret cooperation with Golden Dawn.

Many wonder why the political system decided to launch investigations now. Most probably the death of a Greek man was really shocking to the government.



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  1. A difficult time for the EU leadership whose disastrous policy largely contributed to the present social situation in Greece,causing the rise of the Golden Dawn fascist organization. The EU encourages anti-worker measures, thus boosting Golden Dawn. But it (the EU) cannot openly condone fascism, while the so-called “democratic” parties are unable to impose the whole gamut of anti-social measures fast enough.
    Some dilemma!

    • Yiaourti Yiaourtaki

      Not dilemma but good reason for class-war and bring tanks and submarines to Germoney to force this imperialistic morons to pay their forced loans and reparations and as a “democratic government” (a joke in itself kuz democracy has no government) Greece gots all the rights to arrest Merkel and Steinmeier (A-SPD) for massmurder in Kunduz and send them as brutal warlords to prison in Den Haag, but you know what even the lefties (German little brother of big brother SYRIZA) asks the a-social-democrats for a coalition and ignores the fact that ASPD gots blood on their hands; not real blood it’s more grilled flesh of burnt fast 142 civilians and leaving a few thousand relatives as more victims behind. This little SYRIZA gots the balls to sue the Teuton Government for supporting American war crimes and ignores German war crimes. Remember: real commies had balls but not in the 4th Reich.