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Daily Ethnos reveals: member of Golden Dawn standing next to riot police during antifa protest (picts, video)

A document possibly demonstrating some unholy connection between Greek police and extreme-right Golden Dawn squads has been brought to light. Many of us remember the video showing a group of young men throwing stones at antifa protesters in Keratsini, the day after Pavlos Fyssas was murdered. Daily Ethnos reveals isolated screen shots from that video and pictures from a GD summer camp. Ethnos claims that

“one of the men throwing stones at antifa protesters is the same person exposed in a GD summer camps picture and this sitting next to the murderer of Pavlos Fyssas.

According to reliable information,  the person with the red sleeveless shirt is the same person who was photographed hanging out with George Roupakias at a nationalists’ summer camp at the Neda river.

Χρυσαυγίτης εν δράσει μαζί με τα ΕΚΑΜ στο Κερατσίνι

Ethnos speaks of a “shocking document” about the actions of the Golden Dawn “assault squads” and connection to the Greek police. (article & pictures  here)

video: September 18 2013 Keratsini antifa protest

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YouTube Direkt

Ethnos revelations have been picked up by the majority of Greek websites and news portals.

Zougla gr stresses “That proves in the most characteristic way the close relations between the two sides. It been clearly seen that these men stand next to the riot policemen and act under the tolerance, cover and protection of the officers.”

Πηγή εφημερίδα "Το Έθνος"

Picture source: Ethnos asks: Did the riot policemen knew these men? If not, why didn’t they hinder them in throwing stones?

Πηγή εφημερίδα "Ελευθεροτυπία"

picture source: Eleftherotypia & comment: “pals?”

When the video was uploaded on Greek internet on September 19th 2013, many wondered whether the men in plainclothes were policemen trying some provocation. Nobody had dared to consider that GD members would have return to the streets a day after the murder of Fyssas.

Now the revelations show a more complicated connection.

On Monday, two high rank police officers were forced to resign, four were suspected and eight others were transferred to other posts by order of Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias in the context of a government attempt to clear the Greek police from alleged connections to the extreme-right party.

Private Skai Tv reported on Tuesday that there is an investigation going on to find out connections between riot police, police and Golden Dawn. “There are indications that the four policemen transferred on Monday had links to GD,” Skai reporter said.


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