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Greek police raids 3 police stations in context of Golden Dawn infiltration & possible foreigners’ extortion

Units of internal affairs division of Greek police raided three police stations in the context of investigating infiltration of extreme-right Golden Dawn. Greek media report that on Tuesday noon, units of internal affairs division – the so-called “Untouchables – raided the police station of Nikaia, Kaminia and Renti, all suburbs of Piraeus and near the area where rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death a week ago.

After orders of  Chief of Greek Police Nikos Papagiannopoulos the “untouchables” entered the police station in Nikaia following complaints about illegal transactions between police and foreigners, extortion of foreigners by the local police and also possible relations between police and extreme-right Golden Dawn.

At the same time , other units of internal affairs divisions entered the police station of nearby suburbs of Kaminia and Renti. This investigation was triggered by complaints posed by the chairman of the Pakistani Community in Athens  Javed Aslam, who talked of “unacceptable behavior of  policemen against his countrymen.”

Javed Aslam had accused the Golden Dawn for several attacks that were not made public and accused the Greek police for covering up Gd activities. Aslam said that he repeatedly had gone to police stations to report attacks of GD but that his complaints were not accepted by the heads of the police stations.

Police officers told that the raids took place in a preliminary examination performed on incidents of attacks against foreigners.  “The investigation was initiated in response to some complaints. However everything is possible.  We examined whether and how police stations officers were associated with Golden Dawn members.”

Members of the Pakistani Community have claimed that policemen were asking commission from the sales of contraband cigarettes sold at open markets in various parts of Athens. Policemen were allegedly demanding 500-1,000 euro per month from the vendors.

A couples of months ago, a Pakistani had filed a complaint that the police director of Renti had stolen 4,000 euro from him and he was blackmailing him. The police director is to appear in court next month.

Nevertheless, in the broader internal police investigation about possible involvement of police in Golden Dawn activities, the ‘tolerance’ police demonstrated against GD activities but also possible criminal acts against foreigners, several high ranking police officers were suspended and/or transferred to other posts on Monday.

Replaced police officers:

the Head of the Security Headquarters of the Greek Police, the  Commander and Police Deputy Director of EKAM (riot police), the Police Director, Head of Sub-Directorate of Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Attica Security Division, the Police Deputy Director, Head of the Department of Arms and Explosives Sub-Division of State Security Directorate Attica Security, the Superintendent, Commander Team of D.EL.T.A. (police on motorcycles), .the head of Y.A.T. (riot police in Keratsini) whose members – according to documented pictures and complaints, were allegedly throwing stones during protests at 18. Sept 2013, without being hindered or arrested.

Also the police director of Nikaia police station.

Greek media report that there are also internal investigations about the role of police during the stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas and that of riot police standing next to alleged Golden Dawn members throwing stones at antifa protesters. Here is to note, the Fyssas’s murderer belonged to Nikaia branch of Golden Dawn.

There are reports that internal investigations are taking place also in the Greek Coast Guard but also in the Greek Armed Forces.

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Moreover, according to information, Complaints aliens who claim that their police asking rates from sales of contraband cigarettes divert public markets but also in various parts of Athens .

It is worth noting that just yesterday decided by the Head of the Police ” Dismantled ” the commander of the Police Department of Nice, order, according to official announce , to facilitate investigation by the Subdivision Home Affairs on the relationship that may exist between police and Golden Dawn.


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