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Athens: protest outside Romanian Embassy; animal lovers worry about strays cull here too

Dozens of animal lovers gathered outside the Romanian Embassy in Athens on Monday to protest the despicable law that will allow the killing of thousands of stray animals and thus with the government approval. The protesters lit candles and symbolically carried plush puppies in trash bags. They wore t-shirts reading “Red Card to Romania” and carried banners saying “Romania stop the killing.”

Διαμαρτυρήθηκαν έξω από την πρεσβεία της Ρουμανίας για τα αδέσποτα

Romania’s top court ruled last week in favor of a law to kill tens of thousands of stray dogs from the streets of Bucharest on Wednesday after a four-year-old boy was mauled to death earlier this month.

The boy’s death triggered street protests demanding action against the capital’s more than 60,000 strays, who bite dozens of people every day and are also a deterrent for tourism.

Parliament overwhelmingly backed a law that allows local administrations to put down dogs caught in public spaces if they are not adopted within two weeks. Animal rights groups, however, have protested for the dogs to be saved and a group of lawmakers challenged the law in the Constitutional Court. (full story Reuters)

What hardly a media outlet stresses is

1) the so-called ‘euthanasia’ will not happen as there is no euthanasia shelter.

2) the culling will be through poisons, guns and anesthesia darts

3) that the Romanian government will pay 48 euro per each killed dog, while sterilization costs only 30 euro.

4) that the four-year-old boy was more likely “abducted and killed by a human” (MEP Corneliu Vadim Tudor)

The court decision caused outrage among local and international animal welfare organizations and common animal loving citizens. Animal lovers insist that “sterilization and adoption were the solution.”

Does the Greek government has similar plans?

Animal lovers in Greece are worried that the Greek government had similar plans against stray dogs as in Romania. Occasion for these fears was a circular issued by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food on the rabies disease that re-appeared mostly in the North of Greece – most probably due to austerity cuts that make no funds available for mass vaccinations of wild animals through spraying.

Ministry of Rural Development sent the circular to Ministry of Education & Religion with the request to be forwarded to all schools and parents associations.

The circular was about preventive measures for school students and reference to ‘risks’ if they come in contact with a stray.

The Greek Animal Control and Environmental Federation ( P.F.P.O. ) sent a letter of protest to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Education , Health , Rural Development, to political parties and parliamentarians, sharply criticizing the circular as

“an effort to create impressions and create the necessary social environment that will gradually lead to the extermination of stray animals with manipulations similar to those made in neighboring Romania.”

On Tuesday, Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis took position and wrote on his Twitter account:

“I learned that there are some officials in the Ministry with thoughts about strays similar to Romania. With me here, that’s out of question. “

Meanwhile KTG read that air vaccinations against rabies are to start soon.

If extermination is the ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ solution in the minds of some people in the government I wonder how they sleep at night, what do they say to their children. And how easy it is to go over from animals extermination to human mass killing.

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