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Thessaloniki: fired ERT-employee jumps to death

A fired ERT3 employee jumped to her death from the fifth floor of an apartment building in Thessaloniki on Wednesday evening.  The ambulance and the medical team that rushed to the spot could not save the 46-year-old woman.

The mother of a daughter had lost her job when the Greek government shut down public broadcaster ERT on June 11th 2013. She was one of the 2,600 people who found themselves without job overnight.

Citing sources from her close social environment, Greek media report that the woman was suffering from psychological problems, however she had successfully completed her therapy and “was feeling better’.

Yet, the sudden shutdown of ERT and ERT3 respectively, gave the final blow to her fragile psychological situation. After the shutdown in June, the woman had reportedly confided: “I ​​was able to get over my problem, but the closure of ERT is something I won’t be able to get over.”

Suicides sharply increased since the beginning of the economic crisis in Greece. It is estimated that some 4,000 people have taken their lives due to economic problems.

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