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Almost half of Greek households cannot afford heating oil

…and another half cannot afford to heat with natural gas, I suppose, because prices are just slightly lower. However the real plague is indeed the heating oil, because people have to fill the tanks and stump up some 700-800 euro. in advance.

44 % of Greek households told a survey that they will not heat their homes because they fail to cover the costs. Here it to mention, that the survey was conducted before Troika rejected the a 15% reduction to the heating oil tax. Therefore with 1.30 euro per liter, the consumption is expected to decrease even more and the percentage rate of those who will spend another cold winter to increase.

Research shock to the government and public funds once again in vain expect revenue growth and the supply of heating oil , shows that more than four out of ten households in Attica not intend this year to buy heating oil.

Specifically , as the Energypress, the research «Opinion» made ​​on behalf of EPA Attica shows that 44 % of households will not put oil this year. The survey was conducted in areas of the basin with ready network of natural gas, which, however, consumers are not yet enabled by economic hardship and the costs involved.

Survey conducted by “Opinion” for the Greek Natural Gas Company (EPA)

“Do you intend to run the central heating during the coming winter? ”

35%  “we will not run it at all” 9 %  “we have not decided yet”

Greek media noted that after the Troika’s “NO to tax reduction”, those ‘undecided’ will most likely decide not to buy heating oil for their homes. The rate would then increase to 44 percent.

35% translates into 160,000 households in Attica prefecture alone, while 44% translates into 200,000 households.

In a similar survey conducted last year, 34% of the households said that they did not turn on central heating at all. (source)

Are these survey results a shock for the government and the Troika in respect to revenues? Wait for the cold shock for those households with babies and children and fragile seniors.

Certainly there is the alternative of heating with air-conditions that would skyrocket the electricity bills. If one is lucky can use the fireplace, or stoves with pellets and other cheaper heating means.

The energy ministry issued some guidelines as to what means of heating can be burnt in fireplaces and stoves in order to avoid the horrible air pollution of last year. However, the crisis-hit consumer is guided by his wallet…

PS Last year, I spend 170 euro for fire wood and 240 euro for turning on the natural gas 15 times per 4 hours in December, January and February. Total cost for heating was 410 euro – in comparison: 1200 euro for Dec-Mar 2011/2012 heating with natural gas only – and only 4-5 hours in the evening.

Result: We had a fairly warm living room, office and kitchen in the evenings, but froze our a** in the bathroom and bed rooms.

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  1. The Heating Expert

    It’s not only a case of ‘not being able to afford it’, I personally do not want to give the Greek govt so much cash for the ‘pleasure of using heating’. The compromise? If the winter is as mild as last year, will only use the central heating upstairs (2 floor apartment) in the living room when sitting there, otherwise will be off. Bedrooms? AC and we have electric heaters. Even if you use these all day they add no more than 100 euros a month to the electricity bill vs. 1000 euros a month if we keep the gas on all day in 2 floors! I just hope it wont be too cold because last year in the cold days I could not breathe due to the smog in the city! I had to keep windows shut and in the car would use the airconditioning on recircle meaning breath the air in the car not outside! I almost didn’t want to go out and socialize, healthier to stay at home!

    • you’re right. it’s certainly an option to turn on only some of the central or individual heating heaters. (I didn’t think about it lol, I may use the A/C this winter too).
      As for air pollution same here too1 i could hardly go out in the evenings where the penetrating smell and pollution were unbearable.

      Let’s wish us the best 🙂

      • The Heating Expert

        Oh By the way, another issue. In my apartment the central gas is unformtunately connected to the whole building, so the bill doesn’t come to me it comes as a group to the whole building. As a result, my apartment manager calculates gas based on hours = ‘ (( So opening an individual heater or closing it makes no effect in our case, and with the mentality of the apartment manager threatening me to pay gas every month otherwise they will cut supply has made me want to use the gas as little as possible even more!