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Athens: “Nazi” villa or private WWII museum?

Incredible police finding in a villa in south of Athens, Greece: window dolls in nazi uniforms, nazi helmets and flags, statues, swastika pennants and countless pictures of Adolf Hitler. In the premises of war museum of businessman Anastasios Pallis police found also six military aircraft, tanks, military vehicles and motorcycles dating back to WWI, and dozens of firearms, many of them stocked in sealed containers.

“The dozens of weapons found in two containers were ‘inactive’,” Greek media reported citing police sources after investigators opened two of some 25 containers. Some media report that also G3 and AK47(Kalashnikov) were found.

The police raid in Pallis’ villa and museum premises took place after a former British army officer Edward Pringle-Stacey claimed to police authorities that Pallis was in possession of 4,000 weapons which maybe be linked to the extreme-right party. Stacey had cooperated with Pallis in the past.

“In all weapons a has been missing so they are inactive,” so the police according to media.

Anastasios Pallis is fugitive since last spring when an arrest warrant against him was issued in context of the case of shipowner Victor Restis -currently in custody- and FBB bank.

pictures published by Greek police via

The museum “Institute for Cultural Promotion brilliant history collections P.A.L.I.S.” was inaugurated in order to highlight “the historical and cultural heritage of Greece,” as Pallis has heralded.

Greek police had investigated the villa also last April after a revelation by magazine HOT DOC. Police was to investigate funding of the museum and where the museum items had come from.

No investigation results were published at that time, but probably the investigation has a new aspect now.

PS I suppose no glorious historic or cultural Greek highlight was displayed in the private museum….

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