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Debtors in Greece: Would you share your bedroom with the tax office?

Greece’s finance ministry has apparently run out of ideas. Ops! I should immediately correct myself: Greece’s finance ministry has obviously realized that the ideas the team of advisers produce to force citizens to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” – in Modern English that’s “the taxes” –  is sheer crap.

The latest product of apparent finance experts brainstorming was the scandalous proposal to debtors to let the tax office seize their property and “keep the change”.

The proposal foresaw the transfer of the full property ownership to the Greek state so that the state would take it to auction and cash the equivalent amount of debt. “Great idea!” one would say, if it wasn’t for an also great injustice and disaster.

Should the property value be higher than the debt amount and consequently the sale would reach a high price  at the auction, the Greek state would keep the difference! (KTG reported the details here)

I suppose, civic organizations of property owners and debtors’ associations raised their very loud objections to the minister, who allegedly came with a new proposal:

To allow debtors to grant to tax office/the Greek state/the finance ministry

part of the property with value equal to the debt.

What will the Greek finance ministry do with my bathroom, half of my bedroom and 1.5 square meter of my balcony? It could rent it, it seems, or even sell it.

I really cannot tell you if this brilliant idea will ever come into effect.

PS KTG has a third proposal to release the enlightened brains of Greek Finance Ministry from the burden of finding deadlock-solutions: they could resign and open coffee shops or souvlaki bars. It’s easy, it’s profitable and provides citizens and the state officials rather with delight than with crap.


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