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UPD Greek police raids two social clinics providing uninsured citizens with medical assistance

This Greek state never stops to surprises us. Units of Greek police and the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) raided the Metropolitan health clinic of Hellinikon (MKIE)on Thursday morning after an complaint to the Narcotic section of the police headquarters.

“A complaint to Greek police claimed of uncontrolled drug trafficking to addicts,” MKIE posted on its Facebook page.

The health clinic of Hellinikon spoke of “collusion and directed complaints” stressing that the activity of the clinic cannot be stopped. “Some are disturbed by our activity and want to stop it.”

Two hours later the MCCH posted on Twitter, that the control units left and that a press release was to be published soon.

Founded in February 2012, the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Hellinikon provides thousands of uninsured citizens or people with very low income with free medical assistance The health care service is based on a network of volunteering doctors and administration personnel as well as medicine donations. The community clinic is located at the former US Air base in old Hellinikon airport in Athens.

A couple of days ago, the founder of the charity, a cardiologist, had confronted the health minister during a TV talk show with the fact that there were 3,000,000 uninsured citizens across the country, excluded from the public hospitals services and asked him what he planned to do about them. The minister did not give an answer but distracted and changed the subject…

An evil coincidence.

UPDATE: there are reports on Twitter that police and EOF units raided also the clinic of Doctors of the World in Athens.

In both clinics nothing suspicious has been found.

Press Release issued by NGO Doctors of the World

“Today at 13:00 pm, members of the Police Narcotics Team, accompanied by employees of the National Organization for Medicines, and with the presence of a magistrate, conducted an investigation for illicit trade of narcotic substances, following an anonymous complaint.

As expected, the investigation brought no results, as Doctors of the World, following strict protocols imposed by the Greek law, keep and administer special medicines that are necessary to psychiatric patients, who are excluded from the National Health System.

Remarkably a similar investigation took place a month ago by the respected district department, during which the operation of the pharmacy was also determined as right and legal in all.

In a crucial moment for the Health Sector in our country, such investigations come as a surprise when targeting a health facility that is established in the conscience of the Greeks as a shelter for poor and uninsured people.

Doctors of the World reserve their right to proceed to all legal actions, so as to reveal those sycophants, doing so only to ensure and safeguard the credibility of the Organization and the protection of their patients.

Doctors of the World declare that they will continue to provide free medical care, without any discrimination… wherever people are.”

We are out of control here, aren’t we?




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  1. We are out of control here, aren’t we?

    -Protesters against the destruction of the environment are being wiretapped and branded as a criminal organisation that “threatens the state”
    -Raiding of social clinics after critical questions to a minister on accusations of drugs trafficking
    Yes ‘we’ are out of control…