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EU spends more in cows than in young jobless

The argument is not new. It was brought up by Peter Matjašic, president of the European Youth Forum last July, when European leaders were deciding on how to spend the money and what were the priorities of the next EU budget for 2014-2020. Peter Matjašic argued that the EU spent more in cows than in young people: €12.7 per cow and a mere €1.26 per young student.

The president of the European Youth Forum, Peter Matjašič, demanded that the EU funding distribution affects seriously the Education, Training and Youth Programmes. For example, the EU had decided to reduce its budget for the new “Erasmus for All”, and would reduce exchange possibilities. This measure would affect 700.000 students.

Peter Matjašič stated that the EU only invests 0.8% of its budget directly in education and youth issues. Agriculture, on the other hand  is responsible for 1.7 % of European output. According to Eurostat, the number has gone down 0.8 % since 2000. According to Eurostat, in the current Budget the EU spends €12.7 per cow and a mere €1.26 per young student.(ibercampuseu)

Three months later the topic has been picked up again apparently as youth unemployment rises in the crisis-hit European South and unemployment becomes No 1 issues in this countries.

Ask any European what their most pressing concern is and chances are they’ll tell you it’s unemployment.

Jobless rates throughout most of Europe are just plain frightening — especially in Greece and Spain. And, believe it or not, EU citizens don’t list the debt crisis in Greece, Cyprus or some small European nation as their No.1 worry, notes the European Council on Foreign Relations.

However, the debt crisis is the main preoccupation of EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

According to Eurostat, last August there were 26.6 million people unemployed in the European group of 28 countries. Of those, 19.178 million were in the common euro market area. The highest rates are in Greece, at 27.9 per cent, and Spain, at 26.2 per cent. Youth jobless rates in Greece and Spain are an astounding 61.5 per cent and 56 per cent, respectively.

Yet — and this is my favourite European cow factoid of the day — the EU spends more money caring for a cow than an unemployed youth. Spanish journalist Jorge Valero points out a cow gets about 12.7 euros while a jobless youth gets 1.26 euros, says the council’s Jose Ignacio Torreblanca. (full article thestarblog)

PS despite the generous EU funding, we cannot say that cows lived happily ever after.

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