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Here comes the “Euroflush”! EU Commission directive on standardized toilet flush!

The European Commission has real concern about the well-being of its citizens. Our Eurocrats stoop with sincere prudence over the problems of their subservient. They look down to the poorest citizen in the most remote EU village and try their best to help him out of a deadlock situation and dreadful living conditions. From the Eurocrat’s sharp eye, not even the bottom of a toilet flush in a falling apart wooden cabin set in a dense forest can escape.

Eurocrats in Brussels are so undoubtedly concerned about the crisis-hit EU citizens that they have even spent 80,000 euro on a study into toilet habits in 26 EU countries.

Eighty thousand euro and almost three years later, the eurocrats got back a 122-page report (suggestions incl.) saying that UK tops the list of toilet goers and flushers, followed by Italy and Germany. At the bottom of the list is Finland with Finns flushing the least. “Why the Finns do not dispose their human waste as much as the Brits” is not explained.

“How do you flush ?” or “Do you splash it away?” or “Do you do it in the free nature?” I supposed some of the survey questions would looked like that.

The study of tremendous importance for the future of EU found out that it’s the Brits who “flush much too often” for Brussels taste.

Now, the not-so-shitty-picky technocrat wants to impose a new bog standard flush across the European continent, just because the Brits go much to oft to the toilet and furthermore, if this wasn’t enough, these Brits also flush after using the pan.

“Already dubbed the ‘euroflush’, Brussels wants to standardise toilet flushes across the EU. It wants toilets to be limited to five litres and urinals one litre.

A ‘half-flush’ will be allowed three litres, according to a draft of the policy.

The report on toilet flushing concluded: ‘Two key elements appear to affect the water consumption of flushing toilets and urinals: their design and the user behavior.

‘User behavior is a crucial aspect and must be without any doubts emphasized.

‘The user behavior analysis carried out showed how the average water consumption differs among the EU member states. Also the consumption between citizens of one country may vary very significantly.’” (read full article in DailyMail)

Is this the “Eurocrap” euroscepticts have been warned us about?

PS next time I go to toilet, I hope no Eurocrat arm will come out to grab my (_/_)

Panned: The European Commission spent £76,000 on a study looking at how much water different countries using flushing the toilets

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