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a quiet Saturday morning in November…

It certainly has advantages to wake up early in the morning. Especially in a sunny morning.  Especially at this time of the season. Although we are in first ten days of November, the sun still shines bright, even though a bit more chilly than in the previous month. It shines with that faint morning light, with a portion of crib, a haze; it shines with drops of pale pink and blue, grains of color that meet and mingle in the air into a faint purple cloud.

This magical morning light slant down to my balcony with a hidden explosion. It comes from the back and the side,  it comes from the east, right above the Hymettus mountain.  The light kisses the plants, it hugs the trees, it tenderly embraces a handful of early birds, it cuddles  a stray cat looking for her breakfast in the plot nearby.

I do not know how to describe the magic of this quiet Saturday morning. It makes absolutely no sense to grab my cheap camera and try to catch that special moment, that special light. I can’t, it won’t.

I open one of the dusty chairs,  I take a cup of steaming coffee, my cigarettes and I sit down  to enjoy this providential moment . Surrounded by clay pots, green leaves and branches and some crazy summer plants that decided to bloom in the middle of November.

For a few silent moments I want to dive into a raving daydreaming. Full of hopes and  desires and visions and dreams that could come true. I want to surrender to this kind of life that I had where everything was possible within my means. That kind of life that wriggled through my fingers a couple of years ago. That kind of life of chances and opportunities that won’t come back – no more.

Short before 9 o clock the telephone starts ringing.  A friend, unemployed, urgently asking friends to lend him money so that he can pay his rent. At least one of the many outstanding rents he owes to his landlord. A friend just before the home eviction. A friend on a quiet Saturday morning in November.  In Greece of 2013, in Greece of the loan agreements, in Greece of almighty finance ministry and the Troika.

The phone call brought me necessarily inside the home, in my office. I promise to the friend to do my share and lend him fifty euro.

Already inside, I sit in front of my computer and start surfing through the news of the day.

Top on the agenda is the censure motion against the government. Second topic on the high news list is the big question: Whether the Value Added Tax in purchasing a cup of coffee would drop from 23% down to 13%.

In real life circumstances, the much promising question is whether I will pay €1.23 or €1.13 for a cup of coffee in a cafeteria or coffee shop.

I wonder, how many coffees my needy friend will have to drink in order to save from the decreased Value Added Tax so that he can get together the 300 euro he needs to pay for his rent each month.

cup of coffee

PS I think the correct post title should be “getting sober with Stournaras”.


My new pet: a grasshopper settled in my balcony in the last few days.

Give – at least – grasshoppers a chance 🙂

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