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Greeks collapse but MPs keep their salaries at existing levels

Greek lawmakers are about to vote to keep their salaries and expenses at the existing levels. A draft bill will be voted in the Parliament next Monday. I write “it will be voted” because nobody would dare believe that any MP whether from the coalition government nor form the opposition would vote against.

Average salary for MPs in 2014 will be €5,805 per month net.

Average  extra per month €437.5 for participation in committees and parliament sessions in summer + €1,799 allowance for office expenses + €50 family allowance + 379 travel expenses

= € 2,665

Average income is €8,200 with net income €6,000-€6,500.

Due to the complicate system of salary and allowances, 70% of their income is tax free.

The country’s 300 MPs are to be asked to vote to keep their salaries at the same level when the draft budget to run the house is put to a vote on Monday.

“Specifically, the 2014 budget foresees €20.9m to pay MPs their basic salaries, which works out on average at €69,666 per deputy per year or €5,805 per month.

The budget also foresees spending €1.5m for MPs to attend committee sittings, €6.4m for them to rent and run their constituency offices and €1.36m for travel expenses.

Overall, parliament is expected to cost almost €141,898,000 to run in 2014, €6.8m less than this year, according to the proposed budget.

Not so lucky are the 1,393 parliamentary staff, who will see their overall salary bill cut by €2m, to €20.3m, if the MPs vote for the budget.”(source enetenglish/ana) (other sources protothema, (70% tax free)

But wait! No all elected politicians earn so much. Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis tweetted recently that he -as Minister – earn less than an MP. He probably does this ‘half- pro bono’ duty for the shake of the country and for his own glory and triumph

Adonis Georgiadis:

“I won’t let Thomsen [IMF] steal from me the glory of sacking public sector doctors.”

PS we are a crazy nation ruled by insane politicians. I have no other logical explanation for what’s happening here.


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