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Patras: Municipality workers crush living dog in garbage truck

Unbelievable! Municipality workers have reportedly crushed a dog with the automatic garbage mechanism in an unprecedented act of cruelty in Patras. Citing eye witnesses and a local animal welfare society, Greek websites report that this barbaric act took place on Thursday in Katritsi area of Patras in northern-west Peloponnese.


 Municipality workers threw the dog together with trash in to the garbage truck. Elementary students and their parents from a nearby school saw the dog showing his head from the edge of the garbage truck and started to shout at the municipality workers.
According to the eye witnesses, one municipality worker came near the dog and told him “you’re not getting out? Ok, now you will see.” As the dog did not move -which was also impossible due to the garbage over him-, the worker pushed the button and crushed the poor animal amid screams coming from the dog and the parents. The workers claimed that the dog was sick.
Mayor of Patras has reportedly immediately reached to the complaint posed by the Achaika Animal Welfare and ordered an internal investigation about the municipality workers. The parents had note down the license plate number of the garbage truck.
According to latest updates from Patras, after the lawsuit filed by the animal welfare,  the three municipality workers were identified and claimed towards the police that they “did not hear/see anything, except when it was too late.”
They appeared before the prosecutor on Friday morning but they were set free. The file will be forwarded to the court to set the date for the trial.
Animal welfare associations demand the exemplary punishment of the workers with 5 years imprisonment without bail and a fine of 15,000 euro.
It is not clear how the dog landed inside the neighborhood’s garbage bin as it is not common that dogs climb trash bin in search for food. Animal lovers express the suspicion that somebody threw the poor soul in the bin in order to get rid of him.
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PS it makes me sick to my stomach even to have to translate about this cruelty.

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  1. The men involved need to have their jobs removed – fined and imprisoned. This is also mild by comparison. If I had my way they would be put to death right here right now! they are scum!

  2. test comment

  3. One of the reasons i will nevver set foot in Greece again until the animal cruelty against pets comes to a stop. I am tierd of defending the haneus acts against the dogs and cats.

  4. My heart is bleeding and I feel like crying. I signed the petition of course.